Responsible Drinking


Please remember to drink Captain Morgan ® responsibly.

This website is run by Diageo. We are a member of many industry-funded organisations that promote responsible drinking and discourage alcohol misuse. Some examples of these are listed below with links to their websites.

Social Aspects Organisations

Country / region Organisation Website
Australia Drinkwise
Canada Educ'alcool
Czech Republic Forum-psr
Denmark GODA
European Union The European Forum for Responsible Drinking
France Entreprise et Prevention
Hungary Hungarian Association for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (HAFRAC)
Ireland MEAS – Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society
Ireland DrinkAware (Ireland)
Malta The Sense Group
Mexico FISAC
Netherlands STIVA
South Africa ARA
Spain Fundación Alcohol y Sociedad
Taiwan Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum
United Kingdom The Portman Group
United Kingdom DrinkAware (UK)
United States The Century Council
Not For Sale To Persons Under The Age Of 18. Drink Responsibly.